Executive Management Team

President – Claude R Woodruff

Claude R Woodruff serves as the president of NAM Services, providing custodial and related services for decades. His experience in operation management began in the 1980’s in Atlanta, Georgia, operating a successful cleaning company. In 1998, Claude R Woodruff established NAM Services. Following the formation of NAM Services, his company grew considerably, performing services on numerous government and state agencies throughout New Mexico. Claude R Woodruff was later awarded a military contract maintaining 45 federal facilities located in Texas and New Mexico. At this time, Claude R Woodruff began a business association with his CEO, Har Har Singh Khalsa, and thereafter, his operational management experience grew into contracts servicing; the University of Hawaii, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Cedar Rapids Courthouse, the Bannister Federal Courthouse, the Christopher S Bond Federal Courthouse, the Frank Carlson Courthouse, the San Francisco Federal Building, Ward Parkway Federal building, and many more federal and state government facilities throughout the United States.

CEO – Har Har Singh Khalsa

Har Har Singh Khalsa is the CEO of NAM Services. His experience includes nearly forty years of management experience in the custodial maintenance field. His previous company managed over 400 facilities nationwide, with single contracts maintaining over 1.2 million square feet of service area and collectively managing over 10 million square feet of service area daily. In 1998, Har Har Singh became the CEO of NAM Services and since then he has written articles and developed numerous manuals and systems for quality control procedures. Har Har Singh has helped to successfully implement these quality control systems and contract structuring at numerous facilities nationwide. Har Har Singh currently serves to organize, manage, and initiate custodial service contracts and technical requirements for government agencies throughout the US.


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