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Business Relationship Between
Claude R Woodruff, LLC (NAM Services) & NAM, LLC

In 1998, Claude R Woodruff (aka Sant Khalsa) established a janitorial company with a doing business name as NAM Services. At the time he established a close friendship with Har Har Singh Khalsa. Har Har Singh Khalsa also had a janitorial firm and the two companies frequently subcontracted services from each other. The two individuals found that they worked well together, however they did not legally form a partnership at that time. Therefore they continued to work together while remaining as legally separate entities. In 2002, Har Har Khalsa formed National Advanced Maintenance, using the same acronym of NAM. Claude R Woodruff and Har Har Khalsa both liked the same company name, “NAM”, as it also related to a spiritual meaning in the East Indian Sikh tradition which both individuals participated in.

Later, Har Har Khalsa changed his legal structure to become NAM, LLC and began federal contracting with the General Services Administration. He subcontracted Claude R Woodruff, dba NAM Services to assist with operations and management following the FAR 52.219-14 (Limitations on Subcontracting) laws.

In 2011, Claude R Woodruff, dba NAM Services, became and SBA certified 8(a) firm. Three years afterwards, Claude R Woodruff (Sant) and NAM, LLC formed an SBA approved joint venture firm called NAM Services, LLC, gaining successful awards with General Services Administration. Upon expiration of this Joint Venture, the two entities formed NAM Services II, LLC with another successful award. Between 2013 and 2017, Claude R Woodruff went on to be awarded two 8(a) federal contracts under his company name due to the success and reputation he built with his joint venture companies along with other several non 8(a) government and commercial contracts.

In late 2018, Claude R Woodruff changed his business structure to an LLC while maintaining 100% ownership. His new company name is Claude R Woodruff, LLC. Claude R Woodruff, LLC continues to maintain his company so that he may fully benefit from his certification in the 8(a) program in accordance with how the program was intended to assist minority owned firms.

In the meantime, Claude R Woodruff (Claude R Woodruff dba NAM Services) and Har Har Khalsa (NAM, LLC) continue to work closely together as best friends and business partners in their Joint Ventures to benefit each other.

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